About Spinlister

Velolet was founded in 2010 with a mission to help connect cyclists around the world have access to the equipment they need, whether traveling or competing. As the sharing economy began to boom, Velolet recognized the need in the market for independent bike dealers to have an easy to use platform for managing rentals and inventory; turning their support to local businesses and retailers that keep the cycling community alive.

Spinlister was founded in 2011 with a similar goal: to create a network for cycling enthusiasts to list and rent from a global peer to peer network. After the launch of their mobile app, the team shifted their focus to building a better solution for local shops and retailers looking to promote their offerings through the Spinlister platform.

In 2019, Mark Gustafson of Spinlister and Dan Cleary & Ethan Otterlei of Velolet were fortunate to meet one-another and come to the realization that their missions were one and the same. With a solidified friendship, Spinlister acquired Velolet in 2019 to bring the vision to fruition.

In a world where the sharing economy dominates the market and micro-mobility solutions flood our streets, we aim to provide a platform where our shops can not only compete but also thrive. With our low industry rates and global reach, Spinlister Pro is designed to support your business. Our mission is simple: to implement innovative solutions that can propel an industry forward to compete and win in the sharing economy.