Velolet Team

Dan, CEO & Co-founder

He's a broken-down cycling workhorse who should have been taken to the glue factory long ago but they keep him around because he still provides amusement to the spectators. He's been known to many of his friends as the Red Lantern and thats not because of his superpowers. He's done lots of business stuff in the past and he has finally been able to combine that with bike stuff and that makes him happy. His wife and daughter are his life and they provide him lots of support and that part right there makes all the difference.

Ethan, Co-founder

If only they combined cycling and golf, programming and napping as a sport, Ethan would be an Olympic athlete, well at least in the top 1,000. He plays on the computer and makes interesting stuff out of it (i.e., Velolet). He says, "Yes, you're going to find a glitch here or there but my commitment to everyone is to minimize those and address them immediately." He knows lots of people in lots of places and makes him valuable, especially when we need tickets to the games.


Our Goal
To become the #1 centralized bike rental hub. The place where people, globally, go when they want to rent a bike.