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Bicycle Chain

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Bicycle Chain

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Bicycle Chain
1712 Lexington Ave N.
Roseville, MN 55113
P: +16514894513

Sunday 12:00PM CST - 4:00PM CST
Monday 10:00AM CST - 8:00PM CST
Tuesday 10:00AM CST - 8:00PM CST
Wednesday 10:00AM CST - 8:00PM CST
Thursday 10:00AM CST - 8:00PM CST
Friday 10:00AM CST - 8:00PM CST
Saturday 10:00AM CST - 6:00PM CST
* Shop hours in CDT

About Us

Regardless of your intention—whether it is hobby, sport, transportation, family, or the unknown—you will be greeted by a staff that is intelligent, communicative, and excited to learn more about you and your way of cycling. The open minded, collaborative environment has attracted people with unique perspectives and a high level of experience and skill in their field. We will be equally enthusiastic about fitting your triathlon bike as we will be discussing how best to transport your children to school.