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Blazing Saddles

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Blazing Saddles

Shop Information
Blazing Saddles
2715 Hyde Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
C: Bruno Wanderley
P: +14152028888

Sunday 8:00AM PST - 7:30PM PST
Monday 8:00AM PST - 7:30PM PST
Tuesday 8:00AM PST - 7:30PM PST
Wednesday 8:00AM PST - 7:30PM PST
Thursday 8:00AM PST - 7:30PM PST
Friday 8:00AM PST - 7:30PM PST
Saturday 8:00AM PST - 7:30PM PST
* Shop hours in PDT

Rental Addons
  • Pedals: Shimano SPD : $5.00
  • Pedals: Look Keo : $5.00

About Us

Our main priority at Blazing Saddles is that customers come away from a day on our bikes feeling they have experienced the very best this area has to offer.

With the largest fleet of rental bikes in California, we are equipped to provide bicycles for an extremely wide range of customers - anyone from the novice to seasoned rider. Our selection includes the most popular comfort bikes, tandems and kids’ bikes. We also have specialty bikes for those interested in more advanced riding.

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