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Lowertown Bike Shop

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Lowertown Bike Shop

Shop Information
Lowertown Bike Shop
214 East 4th Street
Suite 160
Saint Paul, MN 55101
C: Crystal Sursely
P: +16512220775

Sunday Closed
Monday Closed
Tuesday 1:00PM CST - 9:00PM CST
Wednesday 1:00PM CST - 9:00PM CST
Thursday 1:00PM CST - 9:00PM CST
Friday 1:00PM CST - 9:00PM CST
Saturday 10:00AM CST - 6:00PM CST
* Shop hours in CST

Rental Addons
  • Bike lock rental : $5.00
  • Pedal change : $5.00

About Us

At Lowertown Bike Shop we believe a bike can change your life, and building our community is just as important as building the perfect bike. We strive to provide bikes for all budgets and to all styles of riders. We sell both new and used bikes, and provide full service, and fittings. Lowertown Bike Shop is located in the Historic Union Depot Train Station, on the Main Floor, with trail access to the Mississippi River Trail and the Capital City Bike Way.